Columbus is one of the three C's of Ohio - Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland - and as a result it's a bustling urban center with numerous fun activities and attractions for all ages. As a college town (courtesy of the Ohio State University), a state capitol, and the home to a popular convention center, there is never any shortage of events and happenings in addition to the year-round activities always available.

One of the most popular areas in downtown Columbus is the arena district, which is filled with live music and enough restaurants to make a foodie's mouth water. The district's website has a solid and active events calendar which could help you plan your weekend downtown. The Columbus Convention Center is also located in this district, which has its fair share of unusual and wacky weekend events to attend.

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Another interesting location that may appeal to the history buffs out there is the German Village. Also a flourishing town center packed with various dining and shopping options, the German Village also touches on Ohio's rich German heritage with several tours to take in the historical architecture. Another option for shopping tourists looking for something a bit more conventional is the Polaris Mall, an indoor mall that has over 200 shops.

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Anyone looking for more live entertainment can also check the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts website for a multitude of different theaters and shows. Columbus is rife with theaters and venues, including but not limited to the Ohio Theatre, Palace Theatre, Lincoln Theatre, and Riffe Center, and having a calendar that groups all those venues together is helpful.

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In terms of more specific attractions, Columbus is also home to the award-winning Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, which is sure to entertain the whole family. The zoo itself is huge and divided up by continent, and the aquarium is home to several manatees and their young, as well as a variety of interesting and colorful marine and freshwater life.

Columbus is an excellent destination for anyone looking for a place where something is always happening. Whether that 'something' is live music, shopping, dining, or historical tours, Columbus probably has it.

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