Signs That You Should Get Your Vehicle Serviced

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There comes a time in every car's life when the increasingly strange sounds it makes should be cause for alarm. And who needs their commuting lifeblood breaking down at the most inconvenient time? Luckily, cars are pretty good at advertising when something's wrong, and here are a few of the most well-known signs that it's time to take them to the mechanic.

Engine Warning Light
A no-brainer, I know, but a surefire way to know if your engine is on the up-and-up. And while engine light warnings aren't always severe, it never hurts to have it checked out. Especially since most places will check for free.

Odder than Usual Noises
If your car is louder than the music you're blasting, chances are something's up. A scraping sound can indicate metal parts have come out of place and are grinding against one another. A louder engine noise can be caused by a crack somewhere in the exhaust pipe. And when your brakes are squealing louder than a toddler that hasn't had their juice box, you might need some new brake pads. All in all, noises are a sign for some good ol' TLC.

Smoke Coming from the Hood
I've been greeted by this surprise myself, and it's usually an issue with the radiator or overheating, but it can also be from a range of malfunctions.

Difficulty Braking
When your brake pedal is vibrating or pulling during braking, it is highly recommended that you get it checked out immediately. These can be signs of worn brake pads or discs, even worse, a suspension/steering issue.

Always remember to practice good maintenance. Noticing problems like these early on can prevent extended damage to your vehicle and keep you driving safe.

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