Muddy Road Beside Dry Leaves during Daytime
"Road Trip!" A timeless quote for young and old alike. Weekends filled with endless roads and boundless discovery. And if you've never taken one these adventures, I'll give you three good reasons why you need to right now.

#1 Escape the Box
If you've ever found yourself in a rut, odds are your day to day life had gotten a little boring, and grabbing a couple friends with a few hundred miles can do wonders with breaking the monotony. Because when you're stuck in a car with nothing but an endless road it allows you to isolate yourself, escaping the daily grind. Your eyes will tend to pick up on the beauty around you that you hadn't noticed before(if you're actively searching for it.) All in all, it helps you appreciate the world from a fresh perspective, free of external burdens.

#2 Meet New People(or Old Friends)
I can recall a road trip I took with my family some years ago through the southern states. We stopped a gas station that sold oranges on the side and the owner, as well as the clientele, were some of the most polite people I'd ever met. We were happy to exchange stories and a few laughs before we went on our way. 

Road trips are a good way to experience encounters like this. Going somewhere where no one knows who you are and likely has no predisposition to dislike you can spark conversations that just wouldn't happen with the familiar faces you see every day. And in today's time, keeping in touch with your newfound acquaintances is as simple as adding them on social media. 

And you can always use the trip as an excuse to visit a friend out-of-state. 

#3 Open the Door to Inspiration

With the external noise quelled by an open road, our brains have a habit of drifting off. Think about it. How many times have you driven home from a 30-minute commute and forgot you were even driving because you were lost in thought? Doing something like a road trip can help you channel these drifting thoughts into ideas, inspirations and plans for the future. 

These are only three reasons, but I'm sure you can come up with many more on your own. 

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