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Let's face it, there's a lot that goes into buying a new car other than signing some paperwork. We have to get insurance, keep up maintenance and--more importantly--wash it(heaven forbid some bird dubs you the target of its bombing run and you're subjected to scrubbing out that crusty payload.) 

And let's not forget about all the research that was done prior to even showing up at a dealership. Studies show that one of the biggest things that intimidate people when they shop for a car is that they know very little about them. And there aren't many websites or videos that teach the basics in a way that can be approached by all, regardless of previous experience with cars.

The list goes on...and that's where we come in.

To help combat this, we here at Dave Dennis CJDR decided to launch Beyond the Sale, a free resource that is meant to inform and educate people about everything "car." From researching--to shopping--to financing--to maintenance, we'll provide you with concise and up-to-date information in a format that can be easily understood. 

So sit back, relax(with some coffee, preferably,) and let us do the heavy lifting for you on your exploration of the car industry.

Welcome, to Beyond the Sale!

Written by Tyler Wright
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