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Would you believe me if I told you that the world's favorite car colors aren't the brightest ones? In fact, surveys have found the colors most prevalent on the roads are ones like White, Silver and Black. These preferences are sometimes credited to the tsunami and earthquake that struck Japan in 2011 where the pigments for the more vibrant colors were produced, forcing manufacturers to use simpler colors for their vehicles. This, however, is not the case, and studies have found that basic colors have been a majority preference since the automotive industry began. 

White - 19.3%
Silver - 18%
Black - 12.4%
Dark Blue - 11.4%
Dark Gray - 7.5%
Red - 7.1%
Dark Green - 6.7%
Brown - 5.1%

These are the current 2018 percentages of cars on the road in their respective colors.

Fun facts: Studies show that women prefer silver for the look of reliability while men are more likely to choose red for a sporty and fast-looking car.

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