What Makes a Jeep a Jeep?

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Most are familiar with Jeep's iconic origins, the first wranglers that helped storm the war fronts of WWII. Their ability to bypass the boundaries of impassable terrain paved the road of their legacy, and are now one of the most reputable makes in the world. The Wrangler isn't alone anymore. The Jeep lineup is ever-increasing and ever-improving, but it still begs the question: What makes a Jeep a Jeep?

The best way I can describe it is a presence. Those seven slot grilles that signify the breaking of barriers fashioned by rocks and mud, an unshakable ride that blazes forward despite constant resistance from an exterior force. A bastion of quality and ingenuity that stands to shine through the ages as a vehicle that can do it all and look awesome doing it. A Renegade Compass to guide the Grand Cherokee as it Wrangles the infinite road ahead of it. Ever-lasting, never wavering, this is the Jeep.

As we gear up for our Labor Day sale and Jeep celebration, it felt right to pay homage to this tried and true lineup.

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