The best family vehicles are ones with plenty of space for kids and cargo, high safety ratings, and the fuel economy to get you from one drop-off to the next without breaking the bank. Here are some of the best family cars of 2015.

Chrysler Town & Country

The Town & Country minivan has a lot of benefits. Its fuel economy is good for its size, it's a big vehicle with tons of seating, and it's attractive enough that even your teenage kid won't be embarrassed to drive it. Innovative seating and storing configurations mean you adjust the Town & Country to your needs, whether you need lots of seating or space for family camping gear inside.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

This hefty luxury SUV has plenty of seating for your family and is built for rough terrains, making it the perfect vehicle to take on family camping trips. Equipped with lots of safety features to keep it upright in even the most hazardous environments, the Grand Cherokee is one SUV parents can feel safe strapping their kids into.

Dodge Grand Caravan

Another excellent minivan for family use is the Grand Caravan, which has similar specs to the Town & Country: decent fuel economy, easily configured adjustable seating, and a surprisingly stylish design. Modern minivans are nothing like the embarrassing minis of yesteryear. The Grand Caravan is the Batmobile of parenthood-with its abundant features, it completes your Super Mom or Dad ensemble.

Ram 1500

And Finally, the Ram 1500. Trucks aren't what spring to mind when we think of family cars, but the spacious cab of the 1500 leaves plenty of room for kids. Plus, if you've got kids in high school about to go off to college or move out on their own, the 1500 can tow just about anything.